Customize Your Decor With Stickers

Stickers play an important role in the world of decoration. We like to use them, whether to give a whimsical touch to the interior decoration or totally change the atmosphere of a room. We love these adhesives that can be stuck anywhere because of their easy use! In this article, discover some decoration and customization ideas that you can do …

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Which Sofa To Choose To Furnish A Cottage

Welcoming holidaymakers in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, a cottage must be comfortable and welcoming. It is therefore essential to take care of your furnishings. The sofa, in particular, will allow tenants to rest after a long day outdoors.

It must therefore both offer a comfortable seat, while being designer, to match the contemporary decoration of …

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Decorating the office If you work from home, having a functional and pleasant space is extremely important to perform well in your tasks. But, how to get it right when setting up this environment? We have prepared this post to help you in this mission. Continue reading and check out 6 amazing tips on decorating the office!

1. Plan the

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Top 3 Kitchens Of The Year 2020

Previously, the kitchen was only a place for preparing meals. Once the dishes were cooked, they were simply sent to the dining room. So little attention was paid to this piece. However, over the years, the kitchen has evolved a lot and has today become one of the essential rooms of the house.

With the advent of open and semi-open …

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Create A Vintage Decor, But Not Old Fashioned!

The vintage decor trend continues to be all the rage and is more and more adopted. Such a success is probably explained by the fact that vintage is a style of decoration which gives a very original aspect to your interior. In addition, beyond its very decorative character, vintage allows you to exhibit objects that have a history and that …

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Renovate Your Living Room With A Few Simple Tips

s they are used, certain spaces in the house are less and less attractive for their aesthetics and the arrangement of furniture. Because they have been an integral part of your daily life for sometimes many years, they no longer really have an effect on you. It may happen that you have such a feeling with your living room. If …

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Home decorations – the most interesting suggestions

Everyone should feel safe and comfortable at home. It is said that nowhere is so good as in the family’s four walls, so it’s important to take care of them. Home is like a magical place that should always be a haven full of love and warmth, where you always come back with joy and peace. Building such a home …

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How To Decorate A Provencal House With Taste?

Plaster, terracotta or stone, sponge cake on the roof … their characteristics give Proven├žal houses an authentic charm. Typically southerners, they have character and are spacious and bright. To enhance their charm, here are some tips for a successful Provencal decoration with taste!


A beautiful decoration starts from a beautiful idea. To properly decorate …

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Invite Color Into Your Home

Colors have always brought a special touch to the interior of the rooms of the house. When it comes to coloring a space, we usually think of the color of the walls of the latter.

However, even if the colors of the walls of a living room or a bedroom are essential in its decoration, they are not the only …

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